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Cactus Patch is a cowboy clown who uses humor, clown magic, games, wit and wisdom (well sort of (o: ) to introduce children to the value and role that the fine arts can play in their lives.
Cactus Patch is located in Rochester, Minnesota.

Man Behind the Clown

Cactus Patch, a.k.a. Gregory Morriss Chalmers, was born in rural South Dakota. In addition to having some formal clown education and being a member of the World Clown Association, he also has many other qualifications. When he was in grade school he briefly attended a Native American school among the Lakota Sioux. While growing up, Greg worked with his father who was a foreman on a large cattle ranch. In college he earned a B.Sc. in 3-D art (sculpture) as well as a Fine Arts minor. After college he worked for the Fred Astaire Dance Studio in North Carolina. Currently he is a member of IBM's 37th Street Gold Jazz Band, playing clarinet. He is also a published poet.


Pictures of Cactus Patch.



The Kids Day America free fair was here in Rochester, Minnesota on Saturday, September 16th. Cactus Patch had a booth at the event. He did magic tricks, played ring toss, and handed out stickers and coloring sheets.

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